Moving to Healthy and Sustainable Schools

    It all starts in the classroom. World Solar aims to install clean solar energy projects in schools to help address climate change anxiety through implementing practices that see the reduction of carbon emissions. Our Harvey Norman partnership also sees us providing even more sustainable solutions than ever before.

    Light. Years ahead in decarbonising technology.

    The team at World Solar and Harvey Norman are keen to pass on their knowledge from supporting the transition to renewable solar energy and decarbonising heating technologies for homes, businesses & schools across New Zealand.

    Together we have New Zealand's most affordable approach for schools to realise their healthy and sustainable future.

    As well as doing our bit to keep New Zealand green we are pleased to be part of the solution by engaging the next generation of students to make a difference.

    Zero emission solar energy more affordable now


    Afford eco-friendly electricity

    Install solar energy systems

    Schools can now afford to transition to solar electricity generation with funding provided by Ministry of Education's Sustainability Fund. All costs of designing & installing your solar energy system can be covered by the fund.

    Foster learning in eco-friendly classrooms

    The cost of sunshine to heat & cool

    Students learn best in comfortable classrooms so schools can provide classroom heating & cooling powered by solar electricity using proven Heat Pump technology potentially funded by the government's state decarbonising fund.

    Turn the tap on for eco-friendly water

    The cost of sunshine to heat water

    Making hot water and those schools that require pool heating powered by solar electricity using next-generation Heat Pump technology is also possible with the government's school property investment fund.

    Download Funding Application Example

    Solar on Schools