Solar for your business

Commercial Solar Systems NZ Wide

Solar power systems are especially suited to commercial buildings and businesses who operate during daylight hours, because obviously that is when the the System is producing.

As we all know the major solar savings are made from consuming the energy your system produces rather than exporting that energy for a lesser value.

World Solar customise commercial solar systems NZ wide for the smallest of businesses right through to the biggest.

And while some companies in this industry rely only on satellite imagery and impersonal phone calls to determine whether solar energy is suitable for you and your business, we offer an obligation free on-site visit from a World Solar manager to answer all of your questions, and to inspect your roof to eliminate any hidden costs in your quote.

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Why get solar panels installed?

  • They start saving you money on your power bill from day one
  • Using solar energy helps the environment
  • Complete finance options are available
  • Can help increase your bottom line
  • Friendly team of installers and sales people
  • NZ based company
  • Years of experience both in NZ and Australia

Onsite Assessments

While other companies rely on satellite imagery to decide whether they will quote your solar job, we make sure that we treat every potential customer with the respect they deserve and visit their businesses personally. Once we have an idea about your energy consumption we can tailor a system to suit you perfectly.

While Solar Panels work NZ wide, there are a number of factors that dictate whether your business will be suitable in terms of gaining a return on your investment. We make sure you will see a return from installing one of our solar systems or we won’t install one, that’s our promise to you.

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Some simple reasons why Solar Panels are a good idea in NZ



Is around the number of average sunlight hours in NZ each year.



KG's of Carbon Monoxide offset by an average systsem per year.



Year warranty for all NZ homes and businesses ensures value.

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Our solar panel systems come equipped with an easy to use members portal. This portal shows you how much energy your solar panels are making thanks to the NZ sun and also gives you an indication of how much money the system has saved you to date. The fact the system is cloud based means you can also check on multiple premises from wherever you are at the click of a button.

We have a number of systems set up for potential customers like yourself to have a look at prior to purchasing, while some functionality is blocked, you still get a feel for how the portal operates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a system be upgraded at a later date?

Yes. World Solar can install an inverter capable of being added to in future. Eg: A 3kw Solar Panel system can be installed with a 5kw Inverter, therefore allowing you to add a further 2kw of Solar Panels in future.

Do solar systems require maintenance?

Our systems are designed to last longer than 25 years, maintenance free. But you may want to wash the solar panels if they get dusty so they continue to produce the maximum amount of electricity.

Our solar electricity systems contain no moving parts and are designed specifically for harsh environments..

What sort of roof do you need to install on?

We install on most roof types. Our systems are designed to be mounted to most roofing structures including metal and clay/concrete tile.

You’re roof type will dictate the type of mounting we will use for the installation of your system.

Will the weight of the solar panels affect my roof?

No. With our solar panels you do not have to worry about the pressure on your roof.

The weight of each 250W solar panel is 19kg and the size is 1.6 meters square giving them a weight of 11.9kg per meter square. With mounting components included, the solar power system will weigh approximately 12.3kgs per meter square.

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