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Your land. Your sun. Your savings

As you know, the New Zealand sun can be a powerful force. Now the same energy that grows grass and ripens crops can also provide the power to drive your on-farm operations.

With a World Solar system mounted on your farm buildings, you could reduce your reliance on the grid and cut your energy overhead. And if your shed isn’t suitable for a solar system, we can look at a ground-mounted Solar PV system.

Solar power systems are perfect for farming, horticulture and viticulture. You work when the sun is up, and that’s when your solar system is at its most productive. To make the most of solar energy, talk to us today.

Why solar makes sense for Kiwi agri-business

  • Save money from day one
  • Help meet your environment and sustainability goals
  • Smart finance options to suit your cash flow and balance sheet
  • Expert service from experienced installers and advisers
  • Free on-farm assessment in most areas*
  • New Zealand-based team for 24/7 support

*For more remote areas, we can advise you when we’ll be in your region or quote over the phone to get things started.


The Proof

Powering the shed. Powering the grid

Case Study

How World Solar works on a Southland farm

Up to 20% solar savings for dairy

Hughie and Diane Mathieson’s dairy shed near Riverton was the first in the South Island to have a Solar PV system installed by World Solar. Hughie says, “I’ve calculated the investment to produce a 15-20% rate of return. The panels come with a 25-year performance warranty so that gives us a guaranteed long-term saving, and who knows how much conventional power will cost in the future?”

The facts

  • The Mathiesons used 131,400kWh in 2013 at an average of 10,950kWh a month or 360kWh a day
  • Their shed roof now has 120 x 250w panels, which is a 30kW system with the capability to cut power bills by at least 30%
  • The system feeds power back into the grid during winter while the dairy shed is not in use
  • Most savings come from reducing power consumption from the grid
  • World Solar took care of all of the paperwork including council and grid approval as well as solar meter changeover

Smart dashboards to help you make the most of solar energy

As well as helping your business capture energy from the sun, we’ll set you up with smart tools to make the best use of it.

Simply login to our easy-to-use portal to see how much energy your solar panels are generating. You’ll also get an indication of the money your solar system has saved you. The World Solar portal is cloud-based so you can check energy production and usage at all your sites, any time you like.


Get a 2.5% rebate plus extra benefits with Farmlands


Get a 2.5% rebate plus extra benefits with Farmlands

World Solar is a proud Card Partner of Farmlands. For existing customers, they offer a 2.5% rebate on the purchase price, three Choices points for every $150 spent and normal Farmlands payment terms. It’s as easy as handing over your Farmlands Card.

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