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5 ways solar will save you money

Posted by Samantha Milner on 16/11/17 11:43

With a profound ability to cut your monthly power bills, a switch to solar is a great way of easing the strains and burdens on your bank account.

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3 ways that you + solar = a win for our planet

Posted by Samantha Milner on 09/11/17 12:15

Many people are drawn to solar power for its powerful money saving ability, to reduce their monthly power bills.

For many other people, the environmental benefits of solar for our planet are just...

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Explained: Solar's potential to lower energy costs on farms

Posted by Samantha Milner on 02/11/17 11:30

If you run an agricultural business in New Zealand, then a switch to solar energy can offer you a range of long-term benefits to drive the costs of your power expenses down, and increase your...

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VIDEO: Message of thanks from Doone Morrell, our Managing Director

Posted by Samantha Milner on 26/10/17 11:07

Managing Director, Doone Morrell, has put together a video message of thanks for the World Solar community, for all the support we've had for the release of our new eBook.

Since we released it,...

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How much could you potentially save per month with solar?

Posted by Samantha Milner on 19/10/17 11:04

Solar energy is a phenomenal way of powering your home, that leads to significant savings on many New Zealanders’ power bill, from the moment of installation.

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Solar energy: Nine facts, and a false one

Posted by Samantha Milner on 11/10/17 17:03

If power bills are costing you exorbitant amounts of money each month then solar energy is a superb option, because it has the ability to save you money right away.

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Harnessing sunshine: the power of solar

Posted by Samantha Milner on 03/10/17 08:29

Humans have celebrated and harnessed the incredible power of the sun in one form or another for thousands of years.

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