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Your new business partner

the sun

The sun that shines on your commercial buildings could be helping power your business. All it takes is a cost-effective solar power system to capture the sun’s free energy, particularly in New Zealand. It just makes sense, and it also helps your business take a step towards a greener and more sustainable footprint.

World Solar creates customised systems that can slash energy costs from day one. Whether you’re a small business on a single site or a corporate enterprise with multiple properties, we’ll provide straight-up advice and a detailed quote showing the savings and sustainable impact over time.

Solar technology that’s tailored to New Zealand conditions. It’s a smart business proposition.

Why solar? It just makes sense

  • Save money on power from day one
  • Help meet your environment and sustainability goals
  • Smart finance options to suit your cash flow and balance sheet
  • Expert service from experienced installers and advisers
  • Free on-site assessment in most areas*
  • New Zealand-based team for 24/7 support
  • 25-year warranty for power production
*For more remote areas, we can advise you when we’ll be in your region or quote over the phone to get things started.

Save money. Save the planet.

Why World Solar?

“Not all solar is created equal. Work with the team you can trust.” Kieran Read

Deal with experts

Deal with experts

Best brands, best price

Best brands, best price

Seriously good service

Seriously good service

Where are you based in New Zealand? Let’s meet up

Some solar companies rely on satellite pictures to assess the suitability of your site. That’s not how we work. Because there are many factors that can determine the suitability of your site for solar, we make it a priority to visit your site to really understand your energy consumption.


Request a solar consultation


Smart dashboards to help you make the most of solar energy

As well as helping your business capture energy from the sun, we’ll set you up with smart tools to make the best use of it.

Simply login to our easy-to-use portal to see how much energy your solar panels are generating. You’ll also get an indication of the money your solar system has saved you. The World Solar portal is cloud-based so you can check energy production and usage at all your sites, any time you like.