Solar for your farm


Solar energy can have huge financial benefits for farmers. While solar is great for households – it’s perfectly suited for big businesses, farms and orchards too, where energy consumption can be very high.

We understand farmers are such busy people, so we will do all the work to calculate the savings that can be made. Book an obligation free consultation; we will analyse your current energy use and provide a cost benefits proposal of what one of our Solar PV Systems could do you.

World Solar are also specialists in ground-mount Solar PV systems, we use this setup if the farmers shed roof is unsuitable for mounting panels.

World Solar have installed 10MW (megawatts) of solar farming across Australasia, and have also played a part in installing an 8MW solar farm in Thailand. This farm can power around 5000 homes.

World Solar powers the shed and the grid

Southland farmer Jimmy Gerritsen wanted his new shed business to be environmentally friendly and economically sustainable.

World Solar installed his solar power system and Jimmy is able to power both the shed and the grid, with an aim to have his investment paying for itself in 4 years.

And Jimmy is now considering another World Solar system for his other shed.

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Why get solar panels installed?

  • They start saving you money on your power bill from day one
  • Using solar energy helps the environment
  • Complete finance options are available
  • Friendly team of installers and sales people
  • NZ based company
  • Years of experience both in NZ and Australia

Dairy farmers making savings from Solar

Hughie and Diane Mathieson’s Dairy Shed near Riverton was the first in the South Island to have a Solar PV system installed by World Solar. Hughie told us they see it as a solid investment, they are spending money to save more money.

Hughie said “I’ve calculated the investment to produce a 15-20% rate of return which would be very hard to find elsewhere. The panels come with a 25 year performance warranty so that gives us a guaranteed long term saving, and who knows how much conventional power will cost in the future.”

World Solar Director Doone Morrell said “The Mathieson’s used 131,400kWh in 2013 at an average of 10,950kWh a month or 360kWh a day. Their roof now has 120 x 250w panels which is a 30kW system and should be able to cut their bill by at least 30%.”

The Mathieson’s solar system will be feeding power back into the grid during the winter months while the dairy shed is not in use, but the vast majority of their savings will come from not having to pay for the importing power.

“World Solar they took care of all of the paper work including council, grid approval, solar meter changeover etc, which made it pretty easy for us,” says Hughie. “The communication between them and ourselves was great, they knew what they were doing.”


Some simple reasons why Solar Panels are a good idea in NZ



Is around the number of average sunlight hours in NZ each year.



KG's of Carbon Monoxide offset by an average system per year.



Year warranty for all NZ homes and businesses ensures value.

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Our solar panel systems come equipped with an easy to use members portal. This portal shows you how much energy your solar panels are making thanks to the NZ sun and also gives you an indication of how much money the system has saved you to date. Numbers don’t lie, we can show you your return on investment.

We have a number of systems set up for potential customers like yourself to have a look at prior to purchasing, while some functionality is blocked, you still get a feel for how the portal operates.

Farmlands Approved

World Solar is a proud Card Partner of Farmlands.

For existing Farmlands customers, Farmlands offers World Solar customers a 2.5% rebate on the purchase price, three choices points for every $150 spent and normal Farmlands payment terms. It’s as easy as handing over your Farmlands Card

We have done a lot of work with farmers and can hand on heart say the cost savings some of them have seen is truly phenomenal. You work while the sun is up and that’s when your solar system preforms best. It just makes sense. Get in touch today and one of the team will be happy to pop out to your farm and develop a system that will work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a system be upgraded at a later date?

Yes. World Solar can install an inverter capable of being added to in future. Eg: A 3kw Solar Panel system can be installed with a 5kw Inverter, therefore allowing you to add a further 2kw of Solar Panels in future.

How much money will this 30kW Solar PV System save you per year?

This System will produce an approximate daily average of 120kW, or 43,800kW a year. This will take care of between 30-50% of the power requirements for the Mathieson’s for example. So if you know the rate you are being charged per KW for your electricity it’s a quick calculation that usually ends up becoming a pretty big number.

What sort of warranty do the systems have?

At World Solar we have a five year warranty on the German manufactured SMA Inverters and a 25 year 80% performance warranty on all of our solar panels

Is there any ongoing maintenance to be done with this system?

No, there is no maintenance to be done, other than to give the panels a hose down every now and then. The rain showers are generally enough to keep the dust from building up on the panels.

Want to talk further about how Solar could help your farm?