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Solar is a great investment no matter how you look at it. The team at World Solar have made it even more appealing with a great finance option with Q MasterCard.

Your solar system is designed to save you money from day one and if you aren't having to make any payments for the first 22 months, that means you have 22 months of power savings that you can contribute towards the cost of the system.

Why use finance for solar? 

  • 22 months interest and payment free
  • Pre-approval process
  • Same warranties still apply
  • Upfront interest rates and fees
  • Use the savings on your power bill to help with payments
  • Ensures a good return on investment

Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan

Get $2000 towards a solar panel system.

Kiwibank are getting right in behind sustainable energy with their Sustainable Energy Loan. If you get a solar energy system installed with an accredited SEANZ member like World Solar and are borrowing against your residential property in order to fund it, Kiwibank will front up with $2000 to help you pay the system off faster.

Just another great reason to invest in solar energy for your home today! Find out more.

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