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General Manager at World Solar.

Doone World Solar NZ


The World Solar management team are solar industry insiders who have worked for some of the biggest names in the business. Together they have completed more than 9,000 Solar PV installations on residential, commercial and farm buildings throughout Australasia, that’s over 100,000 individual panels!  In 2011, World Solar were part of an experienced team out of Australia who installed an 8mW (44,000 panels) Solar Panel Farm for a village in Thailand. This farm now powers around 5,000 homes.

The team at World Solar are keen to pass on their knowledge after years working within the renewable energy industry across Australasia.   Doone Morrell, Commercial Managing Director and Corey Niwa, Residential Managing Director manage their experienced team of installers nationwide in New Zealand.

Morrell is confident World Solar offers the highest quality and most cost efficient solar operation in Australasia.   Since entering New Zealand the team have found that most customers have been interested in solar energy for a long time but have been waiting for the highest quality product at an affordable price.  The World Solar team have been able to deliver this.

After many successful years operating the World Solar Company in Australia, the team decided at the beginning of 2013 to return home.   Morrell said “We knew the extra daylight hours at this end of the world would be of huge benefit in harnessing solar energy. The kWh (kilowatt hours) results here are equitable to anywhere else we have installed, which we put down to the cooler days but stronger sunlight  perfect Solar PV conditions”

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Service is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day and we ensure we leave our clients with a smile.

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A big part of what we do is getting the joy of selling a product that actually puts money back into kiwi’s pockets year after year.



Solar is one of the lowest impact sources of energy available. We want to help steer the change away from burning fossil fuels.

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