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Have you noticed your daily energy consumption increase over this period? or are you looking to optimise your power usage by changing some habits? If so, we have put together 10 simple energy saving tips for you to do around the home.

Home energy saving tips:

  1. If you have a cheaper night-rate or off-peak period on your energy plan, then use your larger essential appliances during this period. For example plan to use your dishwasher & washing machines during this time to optimise your potential cost savings.
  2. Only turn your dish washer on once it is full so no half loads, this will help reduce the amount of washing cycles and heating being used over the month.
  3. Only turn your washing machine on once it is full, this will help reduce the amount of washing cycles you do throughout the month.
  4. Turn off unnecessary appliances that are on or plugged-in, such as room lighting or appliances that are not in use such as mobile chargers.
  5. Would you like a cup of tea? When boiling the jug for a hot beverage, only fill the jug up with what you require, jugs can pull high energy loads so only boil enough water for what you need.
  6. Limit shower times or should we say the kids shower times! Speak to your bubble members on the importance of shorter shower times. This will benefit you if you have electric or gas hot water.
  7. Cold drafts make your heat pump work a lot harder than it should, block the bottoms of your doors with a towel to help keep the room you are heating stay at the right temperature.
  8. With all your spare time at home it’s the perfect time to call around different electricity providers to see what deals they may be able to offer. They are also readily available to contact as an essential service for Alert Level 4.
  9. Spend time outside - if you and your bubble spend some time outdoors, you'll have less of a need to consume power indoors and this gives your devices a bit of a break too. Plus, you'll get fresh air and some beautiful sun-rays.
  10. Let us help - Talk to our team about installing solar panels on your roof at absolutely no cost for 2-years with our 24 month deferred payment plan which is also interest-free and requires no deposit. Find out more here.