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Selling Excess Power - All You Need to Know

Posted by World Solar on 15/02/19 17:32


All your life you will have spent money on electricity.

But did you know that you can generate your own power and sell it to make money?

We will discuss the details on how exactly this works, but...

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3 Handy Self-sufficient Living Ideas

Posted by World Solar on 11/02/19 17:29

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “self-sufficient living”?

Is it living off-the-grid and moving into the woods? Or is it innovatively reducing costs while still...

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Why do electricity prices fluctuate?

Posted by Doone Morrell on 19/07/18 15:02

When you get your monthly bill, you know it will be painfully high. But can you ever predict the exact amount?

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4 questions about the cost to install solar panels in a new build

Posted by Doone Morrell on 01/06/18 07:00

When you choose to build a brand-new house, you don’t do it on a whim. You can see the big costs looming on the horizon. 

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Saving money with solar: How to store and sell electricity

Posted by Samantha Milner on 12/04/18 13:42



We’re stepping into an era of renewable energy that we’ll never turn back from...and that’s very good news for the environment. Solar energy is, right now, one of the most promising clean energy...

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5 Pros and 5 Cons of choosing solar power for your home.

Posted by Samantha Milner on 28/03/18 16:17

Solar power is an increasingly popular investment for Kiwi homeowners. As knowledge about it spreads, and as people learn of the big savings on utilities, solar energy for your home can seem...
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How solar power keeps working all day, every day

Posted by Samantha Milner on 25/01/18 11:23

It might seem that solar power, since it comes from the sun, is only available when the sun is shining bright.

But no! Solar energy, once captured, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to power...

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6 solar power facts you didn't already know

Posted by Samantha Milner on 04/01/18 10:02

Solar energy is all the rage. What could be more extraordinary than getting the power that heats our homes, charges our devices, and makes all of modern life easier...directly from the sun?

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5 ways solar will save you money

Posted by Samantha Milner on 16/11/17 11:43

With a profound ability to cut your monthly power bills, a switch to solar is a great way of easing the strains and burdens on your bank account.

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