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Say goodbye to soaring electricity bills and say hello to seriously substantial savings!

Posted by Doone Morrell on 14/08/23 10:42

Imagine a world where your electricity bill shrinks to a fraction of what it used to be. A world where you have complete control over your energy consumption, all while contributing to a greener...

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Handy home power saving tips

Posted by Doone Morrell on 17/04/20 14:59

Have you noticed your daily energy consumption increase over this period? or are you looking to optimise your power usage by changing some habits? If so, we have put together 10 simple energy saving...

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Selling Excess Power - All You Need to Know

Posted by Doone Morrell on 15/02/19 17:32

All your life you will have spent money on electricity.

But did you know that you can generate your own power and sell it to make money?

We will discuss the details on how exactly this works, but...

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Solar power efficiency: Understand your savings

Posted by Doone Morrell on 24/10/18 11:21

Money is a crucial factor in many household decisions; it’s a common fact of life. And that will definitely include how you pay for your power every single month.  

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Solar power savings explained

Posted by Doone Morrell on 06/07/18 14:24

Have you ever considered solar energy for your home, but wonder whether it will really pay off in the long run. You're not alone!

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What's the pay back on solar investment for your business?

Posted by Doone Morrell on 02/05/18 17:18

For businesses, solar energy is more than just a wise, eco-friendly choice for power. It makes financial sense.

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How solar power keeps working all day, every day

Posted by Doone Morrell on 25/01/18 11:23

It might seem that solar power, since it comes from the sun, is only available when the sun is shining bright.

But no! Solar energy, once captured, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to power...

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Solar energy: Nine facts, and a false one

Posted by Doone Morrell on 11/10/17 17:03

If power bills are costing you exorbitant amounts of money each month then solar energy is a superb option, because it has the ability to save you money right away.

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How to save money with solar: All you need to know

Posted by Doone Morrell on 29/09/17 12:33

Everyone wants to stop paying so much for power, right?

Price increases for traditional energy forms continue to reach staggering new heights so customers are spending more and more every year to...

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