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Health and environmental benefits of solar power

One of the biggest benefits for homeowners considering a switch to solar power is the monthly savings on utilities. Indeed, that is a great plus of running your home on the sun’s energy.


But did you know you can greatly help the natural environment by switching to solar? And, that there are health benefits too?


It’s all true. As a homeowner, you can make a real impact on your natural surroundings, while protecting your health and that of your loved ones. Powering your lifestyle with the sun makes Mother Nature, and you, healthier and happier!


The advantages of solar for our health and our planet are many — but here are just 5 important points to consider.


  1. Solar energy is renewable and clean


When we use solar energy, we’re tapping into a power source that never fails. It brightens up our lives every single day, and we know it will never run dry!


Because solar energy is endless and renewable, we can depend on it for all of our personal power needs at home. We can keep reusing solar without fear of depleting it and leaving less for future generations to use. There’s so much ‘sun’ that the amount of sunshine hitting the earth in one hour could supply a whole year’s worth of energy needs for the entire planet!


Also, solar energy is completely clean. It releases no harmful, ‘dirty’ chemical compounds to the atmosphere. The sun’s rays simply hit your solar panels, and the captured energy is ready to be converted to DC power and supply electricity to your house...without ever polluting the air.


  1. Fossil fuel usage is expensive and hurts nature


Fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas are becoming more of a strain on the wallet to use. They are expensive and the very opposite of ‘sustainable’, as they are simply running out.


Homeowners can find substantial savings by having their own solar panel system installed, rather than relying on costly fossil fuels. According to a 2017 report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), wind and solar energy are expected to be cheaper than fossil fuels worldwide by 2020.


Countries around the world are beginning to realise the low cost and environmental advantage of solar, which keeps the air clean, is completely free, and will likely benefit tonnes more people in many parts of the globe as time goes on.


Solar can help you, as a homeowner, save big on your monthly utilities. Use the World Solar calculator to estimate how much.


  1. With solar, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted.


Greenhouse gases are released when fossil fuels are burned, and it’s those gases that are hurting our atmosphere and health.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the main greenhouse gases that spell trouble for the environment. Other abundant ones include surface-level ozone (O3) and methane (CH4). Unfortunately, these gases get trapped in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming, which endangers all forms of life around the world — humans, animals, and plants.


Simply switching to clean energy sources, like solar power, will help slow down climate change and all its harmful effects on the earth’s ecosystems.


  1. Solar can help lower your personal carbon footprint.


Each home has a carbon footprint, or a certain amount of carbon compounds (a big category of greenhouse gases) released by that particular home into the air.


The good news is that just one energy-efficient home can make a huge contribution to the environment’s health. By switching to solar, depending on the size of your house, you can have the same effect as planting over 100 carbon dioxide-consuming trees!


  1. Switching to solar helps numerous health conditions.


More solar energy usage means less harmful effects from fossil fuels...and that means a reduction in the illnesses that greenhouse gases cause.


An American agency, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), discovered that with greater usage of solar, sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxides, and particle pollution would be drastically reduced. This would result in lower rates of bronchitis, other breathing problems, and cardiovascular illnesses. It would help businesses too, as fewer workers would need sick leave.


By simply switching your home to solar power, you can help ensure lower risks of health problems for yourself, your family, and your neighbourhood.


Solar energy is not only good for the purse — it’s good for our planet and our health. Making the choice to use solar power at home means you’re making the world a better, safer, healthier place to live in...and that is truly priceless.


Is solar the right choice for your home?