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How much could you save when installing solar panels on your new build?

The cost of power can be high, and as a homeowner it can be an expense that would be great to cut back on. So what are your alternatives? Solar energy is one of these alternatives that's gaining popularity for builders of new homes. It’s a way to lower your usual power bills each month contributing to making your home as energy efficient as possible.

You might be wondering if it’s really worth the investment, so we've put together a calculator to help work out just how much you can save with solar before you install solar in your new build.

Already in your dream home? Find out how much you could save when you make the switch to solar with our calculator tool.


Introducing: The Solar Savings Calculator from World Solar.

It’s well-known that solar energy helps homeowners save on utilities. But for many people, it’s still unclear whether the savings will be big enough to make a difference.

Every household has unique needs, which means that savings will vary from one home to the next, but at World Solar we usually see our customers saving about half of their usual power bills with a solar installation. 

For some customers, savings can reach as high as 90% during summer. This is possible if you take advantage of a few energy efficiency secrets we can share with you.

At World Solar we offer systems that include battery storage. They store excess power which can be saved and used later when you need it - meaning the energy you generate will never go to waste. This way, no matter the season or time of day, you can be sure you’ll never run out of power.


Things you need to know before installing solar in your new build

It’s best to have all the financial details worked out before you invest in solar. 

For example, it’s wise to know how much your household spends on electricity each month, the amount you’ll pay initially for your solar setup, and what your ideal monthly savings would be.

To get all of this info and more, try out the World Solar Savings Calculator.

The calculator is a quick and easy tool to use, but there’s more under the hood than meets the eye. The calculator’s inner workings use complex algorithms to give you close estimates of how much you’ll save.

To show just how sophisticated the calculator is, here’s one example. It can pinpoint the monthly and daily sunshine hours at your new home’s location to determine how much energy your solar panels will yield, and as a result, how cost-effective your system will be. 


All it takes is 5 clicks to find out what you’ll save with solar. With all the decisions you’re juggling as you build your dream home, getting back some peace of mind is crucial. It can come from having all the important details upfront, as you make choices to benefit your household in the long run.

If you’re considering solar energy, the information you need is right at your fingertips. 

Why not take a moment to try our calculator right now and see how much you can save?

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