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Sunset New Zealand

Solar power and Kiwi businesses go hand-in-hand. By installing solar panels on your commercial buildings, the savings on power bills will be seen immediately.

The solar installation will likely raise your buildings’ property values. And, you can attract new business and meet sustainability targets by taking on eco-conscious, innovative technologies like solar. 

But is it the right move for your business? In this blog, we dive a bit deeper. 

What you should consider first

By asking the right questions, you’ll have more assurance that solar will benefit your operations in the long run.

Here are a few of those right questions to ask (and why they're important):

  • Is the roof of your commercial building legally accessible to you?
    If you don’t own the building, you might have to negotiate with the owner and other occupants to get on board with solar. Commercial leasing options mean you don't need to worry about the system should you ever move your company elsewhere. 
  • What's the ROI for solar? 
    Most businesses want to understand the bottom line - how much will it cost and how much will they save? A good solar consultant will easily assess power consumption to create the right size system, and be able to advise on pay-back periods, IRR (Internal rate of return) and even how much you could save over years to come. 
  • Is the roof suitable for solar panels?
    To support solar, your roof should be in excellent condition. It also helps if the roof faces northward and is free from the shade of tall trees and other buildings, so your solar panels get the optimal amount of sunlight. There are other options available, such as ground-mounted panels. Ask your solar provider to assess the best solution. 
  • When it’s time to sell, will you keep your solar system or leave it attached to the building?
    If you keep the system, you’ll need to budget for removal. Leaving it behind might also be a good choice: a solar array is attractive to many buyers and can raise property values, enabling you to propose a higher list price.
  • Would a solar investment fit well with your current business goals?
    It's the mission of most any business to lower operating costs and increase production. With the lower, more predictable energy costs of solar, businesses can reinvest savings into growth and possibly make better revenue projections. 

Key benefits of solar panels for your business

A solar panel system can be an excellent business tool for higher productivity and profits. Here are some key advantages that NZ businesses are seeing with solar:

1. Solar can help slash power costs from the moment your system is installed.

By using NZ's abundance of free sunlight for energy, your business can become less dependent on the grid. Your operations, therefore, continue at a lower cost, while your solar system supplies power for operating your business - lighting, heating, machinery and more.

2. Solar power can help you manage cash flow better.

NZ power costs are on the rise with a lot of instability from quarter to quarter, so it’s smart to consider sustainable options that help you budget with confidence. Lower monthly costs from solar can make for a healthier cash flow and free up capital for other business needs. 

3. Solar makes your business cutting-edge and future proofs your operations.

By lowering your carbon emissions with solar, you’re helping preserve clean air, water, and other natural resources. Being an early adopter will help stabilise your power costs for the next 20-25 years or so at a fairly low rate. Leasing options and financing can make solar a cash-neutral — or even cash-positive — investment from day one. 

4. Solar helps you meet sustainability goals and get attention.

More modern job seekers, as well as consumers, will choose to align with innovative companies that lead the way with environmentally friendly practices.  By promoting sustainability with solar, you’ll prove your business is leading the way towards a greener New Zealand.

5. Installation is a breeze with the right experts.

Having the right solar experts on hand makes all the difference. 

World Solar will provide expert guidance through the entire solar installation process. Starting with an in-person assessment, we help determine the right solar system size for your needs, as well as your future environmental impact. And after setup, no matter where you’re located in New Zealand, we'll always be there with advice and support.

For businesses that are boldly facing the future, solar comes with many advantages. 

By keeping a few important considerations in mind, you can determine whether now is the right time to add solar to your commercial buildings. The savings, higher property values, and reputation as an eco-friendly business are just a few great business benefits to look forward to.

Why smart NZ businesses run on sun