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There are lots of companies selling solar in New Zealand now. If you're interested in solar energy for your home or business - how do you choose which company to go for?

What sets World Solar apart from the rest? Why choose us? We'll tell you! 

World Solar is a privately owned Kiwi company with expert solar consultants and installers all around the country. We’re always competitive on price and we will take on a price challenge any day! If you find a comparable solar power system at lower cost, we’ll always seek to beat it.

What we offer:


  • The best, highest quality solar products, from batteries to panels to inverters.
  • Personal service and excellent customer service.
  • Experienced installers and expert solar consultants.
  • Competitive pricing for the highest return-on-investment.


We source the best solar products in the world

Managing Director, Doone Morrell, started World Solar in New Zealand in 2013. At the time prices were high and out of most homeowner’s budget. So Doone sought to challenge this by seeking the best deals for his customers.

"I started installing solar over 10 years ago and I have always believed to this day that solar should be affordable for everyone.

With his international experience and knowledge of the solar market Doone could source the best solar products at the best prices for New Zealand customers. As a result, World Solar has trusted global partners like Trina SolarSolar Edge, SolaX and Enphase.

We have a close, personal relationship with our chosen suppliers, so you know we are working with industry leaders you can trust.

You name the brand and we have installed it. We’ve personally tried and tested products over the years, so we know our customers are getting the best for the price. Why would you go anywhere else?” says Director Corey Niwa.


Solar price check

We’re committed to high quality and low prices, so we offer a solar price check.

If you have received quotes from other solar companies, we’ll make sure what you’ve been quoted is not only correct, but we’ll make sure you are being given the correct solar system that suits your home’s electricity consumption. We’ll do this at no cost. Why pay more than you have to?

Check your solar price or get a quote today

We’re a privately owned company with no unnecessary fees which allows our customers to increase their payback period of their solar PV system from up to 25% (1.5 years). In this time, you could have invested that extra money into a battery for your system, or added more panels on your roof for higher power output.

Put simply, we get you the highest quality solar energy system at the best price.


We know best

We are well aware of our customers’ needs and wants, and we do our best to deliver them. We carry a wide range of quality solar products and our team of expert consultants and installers will design each solar power system according to your roof conditions, angle and environment.

Corey says:

If there are shading issues, we will attack it with our SolarEdge or Enphase range. If your decision making is price driven, then we will supply you with the best option to meet your needs. If you’re interested in battery storage we have a number of battery options to suit, and certainly the best price too.”


We only do solar

If your car breaks down, you go to a mechanic. If you need a house built, get a builder, if you need solar, choose us - we're the experts 

We believe in getting all our customers the best deal because we know the market price. On top of this we don’t have any other third parties clipping the ticket and no extra costs added to the overall system price.

Don’t pay more than you should for solar panels.

Request a solar consultation


Our Mission

Save you money

It’s always great to see the look on people’s faces when we show them the savings they can get with solar.

Provide great service

We’ll turn up on time, provide an accurate quote and answer all your questions in plain English. That’s a promise.

We sell what we promote there is no smoke and mirrors with us.

Help the environment

We want to reduce the reliance of New Zealand homes and businesses on energy sourced from fossil fuels.