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Selling Excess Power - All You Need to Know

Posted by World Solar on 15/02/19 17:32


All your life you will have spent money on electricity.

But did you know that you can generate your own power and sell it to make money?

We will discuss the details on how exactly this works, but...

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3 Handy Self-sufficient Living Ideas

Posted by World Solar on 11/02/19 17:29

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “self-sufficient living”?

Is it living off-the-grid and moving into the woods? Or is it innovatively reducing costs while still...

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Trina Solar: A Top Bankable Module Supplier, third year in a row

Posted by World Solar on 17/09/18 09:03

Trina Solar are our chosen solar panel provider for a good reason! As well as earning the prestigious title of Top Bankable Module Supplier for the third year in a row, they have also emerged as ‘Top...

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Arrowtown family saves when switching to solar

Posted by World Solar on 31/08/17 00:29

David from Otago shares his story of switching his family home to solar.

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Things to consider when building your home

Posted by World Solar on 28/08/17 00:29

Building a new home can be one of the biggest life changes. Whether it’s building or renovating your forever home or taking that next step up the property ladder; there will be many choices and...

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