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Solar power for NZ growers

Posted by Doone Morrell on 19/11/18 15:08

High power bills are a reality for New Zealand growers, and as electricity prices continue to climb, it’s worthwhile to look at alternative energy sources.

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5 ways to keep the energy bill down over summer

Posted by Doone Morrell on 12/11/18 12:00

A study looking at energy usage and expenses for 150 New Zealand dairy farms concluded that the typical farm was using up to 28 per cent more power than necessary. It’s not a new problem for the...

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The basics of storing solar energy

Posted by Doone Morrell on 02/11/18 10:48

Installing solar is one of the biggest decisions to make for your home. It’s natural to want the full scoop on whether it’s really worth it, and when you’ll see a return on your investment.

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Solar power efficiency: Understand your savings

Posted by Doone Morrell on 24/10/18 11:21

Money is a crucial factor in many household decisions; it’s a common fact of life. And that will definitely include how you pay for your power every single month.  

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Pros and cons of off-grid vs hybrid

Posted by Doone Morrell on 17/10/18 16:21

With a new-build home, you’re overwhelmed with decisions... location, heating, flooring, materials, and much more.

If you’re thinking about long term sustainability and energy efficiency - you’ll...

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Are solar panels right for your business?

Posted by Doone Morrell on 08/10/18 16:35

Solar power and Kiwi businesses go hand-in-hand. By installing solar panels on your commercial buildings, the savings on power bills will be seen immediately.

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Is it worth it? How solar energy in NZ pays for itself

Posted by Doone Morrell on 04/10/18 09:17

Solar energy is here for good, but there are still questions about how economical it really is for New Zealand homeowners. 

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5 reasons solar energy is good for your business

Posted by Doone Morrell on 19/09/18 16:46

Companies around the world are realising the great benefits of renewable energy. 

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What is SEANZ? Why you should care.

Posted by Doone Morrell on 17/09/18 10:45

When you’re building a new house, you come face-to-face with a million decisions. Should I add this feature? What difference will that add-on really make? Is it even worth the cost? 

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How solar can reduce business costs

Posted by Doone Morrell on 13/09/18 09:34

One of the keys to a successful business is lowering your operating costs to increase cash flow.

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