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Is solar part of the picture for your dream home?

Building a new house is the adventure of a lifetime. If you’re a bit stressed and nervous about it all, given the many decisions you must make, don't worry - that’s perfectly normal.

However, there is that's easy to make: the choice of a sustainable, budget-friendly power system. World Solar are by your side to explain more, with our offer of a completely-free solar energy consultation.

Even so, you might still ask, ‘Is installing solar in my new build really worth it?’ Yes, it certainly is!

Here’s a recap of the biggest reasons to install solar.

From The 8 key benefits of solar for new homes in New Zealand:

  1. Save money on monthly utilities

From the moment you move into your solar-powered home, you’ll start to use the free electricity generated by your solar panels. If it’s a typical setup, you’ll still be connected to the local utility grid, which means you can ‘store’ excess energy there to draw from later.

By using your solar power first (and still having conventional electricity as a backup when needed), you’ll start to save straight away.

  1. You’re in complete control of your power

With solar, rather than your utility company being in control of your power usage at home, you are in the driver’s seat. By smartly managing your power consumption and choosing energy-efficient appliances, you can influence how much energy you’ll reserve in the grid and how much money you save.

By opting to purchase a solar battery, you're free from unforeseen blackouts and brownouts in the grid.

  1. None of your energy will go to waste

A typical net-metered, grid-connected solar setup means that any unused solar energy is sold back to the grid.

This raises the return on your investment in solar. It’s common for homeowners to see an ROI around 7%, from both monthly utility savings and solar ‘buy back’ income.

From 3 key considerations when using solar for new builds:

  1. You can get more out of solar by building your home in a special way

With a new build, you can construct your home to take the full advantage of the sun’s power and keep your house comfortable every single season, in a process called passive solar design.

For example, the positioning of your home’s facade and roof can increase the amount of power your rooftop solar panels generate. Facing northward and avoiding shade yields the best results.

Additionally, using economical heat pump water heaters and installing heat-conserving, double-glazed windows will maintain cosy indoor temperatures and help you reap more cost-saving benefits of solar.

From 4 questions about the cost to install solar panels in a new build:

  1. With the right solar installers, there are no hidden fees

When you invest in a solar array for a new-build home, there are a few important steps to take. You’ll need to do the following:

  •  Ensure your home is properly wired for solar,
  • Get approval from your local electricity network,
  • Set up your solar meter,
  • And complete an inspection. 

While some solar installers tack on additional fees for these services, many new-build homeowners prefer to go with a solar company that includes it all in the base price for an installation.

At World Solar, we incorporate costs the necessary services in the installation base price. This way, you’re never surprised by new fees as the process moves forward.

With more and more Kiwi homeowners choosing to go solar, it may well be the perfect fit for your household, too.

If you’re building new, there’s no better time to experience more savings, more freedom and the opportunity to create a healthier, more sustainable New Zealand with solar.

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