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How solar can help you in a power outage

Posted by Doone Morrell on 10/05/18 11:00

When the weather takes out all the power in your home, it’s often more than just a temporary nuisance. It can actually be quite dangerous.

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What's the pay back on solar investment for your business?

Posted by Doone Morrell on 02/05/18 17:18

For businesses, solar energy is more than just a wise, eco-friendly choice for power. It makes financial sense.

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Making your farm more efficient and more affordable with solar energy

Posted by Doone Morrell on 20/04/18 13:49

For Kiwi agri-businesses of all types, solar energy is proving to be a fantastic investment. Whether you're a dairy producer, or you run a sheep and beef farm — or, whether you're a gardener or a...

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Saving money with solar: How to store and sell electricity

Posted by Samantha Milner on 12/04/18 13:42



We’re stepping into an era of renewable energy that we’ll never turn back from...and that’s very good news for the environment. Solar energy is, right now, one of the most promising clean...

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Health and environmental benefits of solar power

Posted by Samantha Milner on 04/04/18 15:13

One of the biggest benefits for homeowners considering a switch to solar power is the monthly savings on utilities. Indeed, that is a great plus of running your home on the sun’s energy.

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5 Pros and 5 Cons of choosing solar power for your home.

Posted by Samantha Milner on 28/03/18 16:17

Solar power is an increasingly popular investment for Kiwi homeowners. As knowledge about it spreads, and as people learn of the big savings on utilities, solar energy for your home can...
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Our solar savings calculator for NZ farms

Posted by Samantha Milner on 22/03/18 14:12

With farming, as with any business, there are many numbers you need to stay on top of: the costs of equipment and supplies, your monthly utilities, your energy usage.

Similarly, a solar energy...

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Solar power for viticulture: The benefits of a sun-powered vineyard

Posted by Samantha Milner on 07/03/18 14:33

For winemakers all across New Zealand, making fine wine is a craft that yields pride and joy. But running a winery, whether large or small, does come with its challenges.

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Why Choose World Solar?

Posted by Samantha on 01/03/18 10:44

There are lots of companies selling solar in New Zealand now. If you're interested in solar energy for your home or business - how do you choose which company to go for?

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Solar power for horticulture: How growers can utilise the sun’s energy

Posted by Samantha Milner on 01/03/18 07:00

With a horticulture business, you have a front-row seat to the beauty of the earth’s fruitfulness.


Whether you grow fruits and vegetables to feed others, or you’re a gardener who loves to...

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